As you can see in the image below, I finished the skill frame! Let me know what you think of it. Also, on another note, I added up, down, front, back, and neutral aerial attacks as well as double jump. That means I'm roughly half way done with implementing skills.

^ The level cap is ridiculously high (400). I don't think anyone will even get to 300 in their lifetime. Hitting 99 is pretty easy, "only" requiring about 8 million experience. Keep in mind that getting to levels higher than 99 aren't as "worth it." Benefits of levels scale linearly, so for example, level 50 is "half as good" in terms of benefits as 100 with the exception of gear requirements. Gear requirements won't* require anything more than 99 in a skill.

The whole point of extremely high level caps is just to give players something to do in case they run out of other stuff. Plus, who doesn't enjoy seeing their character make a little progress every once in a while?

That being said, I might make the max level 150 if people request it. After all, reaching level 400 would take roughly 685 million years at 1 million exp / hour (which is probably about 10x more exp per hour than I expect the fastest training methods to offer).

* Subject to change in the future.

Update: After a brief thought, I decided to cap the level to 150.