Project Daemonia

Space shooter RPG. This was my first college project, and served as my introduction to Python.


A legendary packet editor known by many in several hacking communities. This version is a stripped version of the original, and does not contain any special support for specific software.

Injector Gadget

A DLL injector capable of injecting into applications that normal DLL injectors are unable to inject into. It makes use of SetWindowsHookEx, and it has its own custom version of a remote LoadLibrary that allows static DLLs to be injected and "cloaked" (i.e. difficult to enumerate / find).

This version is similar to the one found on SoftPedia, but no longer has a banner ad.


A mix between Terraria, Super Smash Brothers, and RuneScape, MeleeCraft is a 2D action RPG with dynamically generated content and blocks. This game was only partially finished.

MeleeCraft Resource Editor

The resource editor used to create monsters and items for MeleeCraft.


A brute force domain name finder that utilizes APIs from multiple sites to determine validity of different domains. This is a bit dated now, and probably no longer works.

Media Extractor

Inject this DLL into a 32-bit running process to perform a memory dump of several different file formats.


Obfuscates some assembly instructions. This project had no testing, and may not produce correct results in all cases. Oh well.


I created the original frontend for Maple.FM (website, hosting, database). I sold the site to someone else back in 2015 in order to focus on other projects.

PastSnap Crawler

A crawler that can be used to download public images and media files that are uploaded to This was originally used for, which is no longer functional. Maybe some day I'll bring the service back up.